September 29, 2022

Study in Spain Fees and Living Costs

As a study abroad destination, it is no surprise that Spain has been able to attract students from all over the world who seek not only the beautiful and historic cities in which its universities are situated, but also the excellent education and memorable experiences that studying in Spain can provide. Study abroad in spain
Spain Study Abroad: Study in Spain Fees and Living Costs

University tuition fees in Spain

University of Granada –

University of Santiago de Compostela –

University of Valencia –

Universitat Rovira i Virgili –

  • the average tuition is 2,230 EUR/yea

A degree programme taught entirely in Spanish will obviously be more costly than one taught in English. However, such programmes typically involve 3-4 years of study. Study abroad in spain
It should be noted that universities will often offer scholarships or alternative solutions for students whose language skills may lack enough fluency to complete their chosen degree programme without having to consider long term loans. Study abroad in spain
In general, the more prestigious a university is in your home country, the higher its fees will be. Study abroad in spain
However, there are ways of obtaining a cheaper education without having to sacrifice quality. Study abroad in spain
Many universities offer special degree programmes that involve a similar curriculum to a first degree but with a different title and qualification on completion. Study abroad in spain
For example, studying for an American Bachelor of Arts from one of Spain’s ‘Universidades Politecnicas’ sees students graduate with an ‘Ingeniero Técnico en Informática de Gestión’ or Bachelor of Science/Technology Degree which equips students with international qualifications as well as having studied in Spain. Study abroad in spain

Fees for Study Abroad Study abroad in spain

Tuition fees are typically paid per year, with the price increasing depending on your course length. Study abroad in spain

  • The average cost of tuition for international students over a one year degree programme is around €750-€1500 per semester or €2400 – €3600 per year, while two-year degrees tend to range between €11000 and €16500 (US$14700-$22050) Study abroad in spain

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