Upholding the principle that human resources are the integral part of sustainable growth, Almarai continuously invests in recruiting talented professionals who add value to the organization. The company also focuses on refining its employees’ skills and enhancing their leadership competencies.
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PEOPLE are our most important asset. Attracting the right people, training them and providing the resources they need to satisfy the requirements of a world-class food company, continues to be a major priority of Almarai.

Almarai invests in its talentsto maintain its competitive advantage. We believe in creating a learning organization, where individuals are provided opportunities to enhance their abilities and to perform their roles effectively. A comprehensive induction program, combined with training and development initiatives. Great importance is also placed on improving employee awareness of health and safety issues and appropriate training is provided.


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Work Enviroment

Almarai has several management policies to ensure a competitive and stimulating work environment. These include the following:

  • Encouraging positive communication among employees through periodic meetings.

  • Supporting the occupational role of the employees, and providing a stable career path.

  • Evaluating employees’ performance, and rewarding accomplished professions with moral and financial support.

  • Introducing policies to encourage employees, and reviewing wages periodically.

  • Applying international occupational safety and health standards within the work environment.

  • Undertaking employee opinion surveys to measure their occupational satisfaction.

Training and Development

Almarai regularly studies the training needs of employees to develop their career roles and improve their performance. Training is one of the pasture strategies to invest in the human element.
Almarai works to meet the training needs of employees through a package of on-the-job training programs that provide the employee with the practical and technical skills necessary to develop his / her work.

Almarai also employs its staff in accordance with the need for individual training courses in specialized institutes.


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