- Walk In Interview - Front Desk Officer

Walk In Interview – Front Desk Officer

ADRESS Comapny-@


About   Company  walk in interview today

Melodica Music and Dance Institute is one of Dubai’s driving instructional centers, set up and enrolled under the Knowledge and Human Development walk in interview today Authority (KHDA) having some ability in Music and Dance classes for all age social affairs. Having recently experienced immense improvement all through the latest few years, Melodica as of now works across six territories in Dubai with extra determined augmentation plans in the pipeline for 2021.


We are by and by searching for experienced and eager Front Desk Officers to join our creating assignments.

The viable contender will grasp the going with (included anyway not confined to):

· Ensure a smooth running of the consistently action walk in interview today  of the branch

· Place, get and expressway a high volume of close by or overall calls and direct calls and respond to asks for

· Establish and keep a respectable association with the customers walk in interview today

· Manage a wide scope of solicitations inside your capacity

· Update the inward/external contact records on standard reason

· walk in interview today Promote the association groups and organizations

· Meet month to month bargains centers by propelling arrangements and assisting customers with requests relating to the proposal of things

· Greet and help visitors and screen to control obstructions

· Welcome candidates cheerfully and instruct concerned staff

· Announce the presence of visitors/clients and schedule of understudies fittingly

· Provide back-up data differing

· Arrange civilities differing

walk in interview today Dubai

· Arrange “callbacks” to make sure about manager’s time

· Provide back-up materials for callbacks

· Arrange the spaces for the teachers and understudies


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- Nova Southeastern University (NSU) GPA Calculator 2021

Nova Southeastern University (NSU) GPA Calculator 2021

Guidelines to Use the GPA Calculator

  1. Enter the letter assessment and credit hours you have obtained or desire to acquire from each class in a given semester

  2. Snap Calculate to find out your semester GPA

  3. Use + Semester to add all of additional semesters and figure your total GPA


In the field stamped Grade, enter the letter grade that you have gained or desire to secure from a given class (for instance A+, A, A-, B+, etc)

Credits/Hours Nova Southeastern University (NSU) GPA Calculator 2021

Enter without a doubt the quantity of credit hours that your class is worth in the Credits/Hours field. A typical class is 3 credit hours, yet there are a huge load of assortments. If you don’t have the foggiest idea about the quantity of credit hours your class is worth, check the course plan or your school’s course stock.

What is the differentiation among semester and total GPA?

Your semester GPA is the assessment point ordinary that you obtained for a lone semester, so it is the numerical weighted typical of your gathering grades. Your joined assessment point ordinary is the numerical weighted typical of the assessments you’ve obtained over your entire school calling.

How are grade centers assessed?

Assessment centers are resolved using your letter grade on a change scale. For instance, at most schools an A+ grade ascends to 4.0 assessment centers while a B-grade approaches 2.7 assessment centers. The weighted ordinary of these numbers gives us your GPA.

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- GPA Calculator (CGPA Nova Southeastern University)

GPA Calculator (CGPA Nova Southeastern University)


- GPA Calculator (CGPA Nova Southeastern University)

  1. Add course the initials twice with previous grades if you’ve retaken.
  2. Best grade will be the  counted a only .
  3. credit will be a adjusted the a automatically.

GPA Calculator (CGPA Nova Southeastern University)


To ascertain Grade Point Average (GPA) enter the weight/credits and the evaluation for every one of the courses you wish to remember for the figuring. For a basic normal evaluation computation enter the heaviness of 1 for each entered evaluation or leave the Weight/Credits fields vacant.

Alternatively, you can likewise enter the course names. To show the Description fields select the Show Course Description fields check box and press the Calculate button.

To add more courses click on Now

Press the Calculate catch to show the outcomes, including the complete credits, the all out evaluation focuses and the determined GPA or Cgpa esteem.

Letter/Alpha evaluations: To perform counts Letter/Alpha evaluations will be changed over to numbers according to 4.0 scale (see the table beneath).

The Get Link button produces a lasting URL for this page with all right now entered information and afterward abbreviates it utilizing the Bitly administration. On the off chance that you save or bookmark the short connection, you can re-visitation of your estimation sometime in the not too distant future

This grading system (undergraduate) is used at Nova Southeastern University (NSU).cgpa

Letter Grade GPA Equivalent
A 4
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2
C- 1.7
D+ 1.3
D 1
F 0
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- Need Money to Pay for College or University fees ?  or Get Loan

Need Money to Pay for College or University fees ? or Get Loan

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Every semester, Fastweb helps thousands of students pay for school by matching them to scholarships, grants, and internships, for which they actually qualify.

Quick and Easy to Apply              Niche No Essay Scholarship

- Need Money to Pay for College or University fees ?  or Get Loan
Need Money to Pay for College?

Easy Application

You’ll find  the high value of scholarships that are easy to enter like

Niche $2,000 to 3k No Essay Scholarship, and internships with companies like Apple, Google, Dreamworks, and even NASA!

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What Environmental Job Center Blog is About

This new blog will be delve into the environmental job or careers fields for environmental science positions job, environmental engineering vacancies 2021, green higher education positions and renewable energy vacancies.

We have been interfacing driving normal, security, and practicality supervisors with strong competitor for over  35 to 40 years.

The Environmental Career Center outfits supervisors and occupation searchers with comprehensive calling, and staffing organizations in the biological, practicality, trademark resources, energy, and green positions regions.

We serve worldwide and are arranged in Hampton, Virginia near the important Fort Monroe National Monument.

What We Do

Assist organizations with finding the most awesome contenders

Work the EnvironmentalCareer.com work board association – the primary normal occupation board – dispatched on Earth Day 1999

Lead jobs research including the National Environmental Employment Survey

Give a versatile pool of pre-screened, arranged, and experienced understanding staff for organizations

Coach understudies, continuous alumni, work transformers, and characteristic specialists in productive calling methodology

Appropriated the Green Careers Journal box 2021

Host and look into common work classes and online courses far and wide.

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- How to Work the Job Fair 2021

How to Work the Job Fair 2021

Posting your resume online should be a part of your duties search method yet a solitary part. Versus affiliation is as yet huge. Besides, there’s no better strategy to see stacks of appearances from unforeseen associations in contrast with a work sensible.

The Perks

/Understudies can get in contact with and chat with various people from their field, give out resumes and practice talk with aptitudes  says Jean Riordan, calling counselor at the University of Chicago. Brief informative gatherings{where YOU meet the scout—can help you with acknowledging what you need to do.

If the possibility of meeting a room stacked with energized determination agents startles you, loosen up. You’ll never gain some less difficult experiences during your journey for new work. “Understudies feel like [a work fair] has all the squeezing component of a gathering, anyway it’s apparently perhaps the most un-unsavory occupation glancing through activities you can do,” Riordan says.

Sweet Results

A work sensible contact can provoke an offer right away. Furthermore, various associations are moreover expecting to select low upkeep workers during the school year. Northwestern University graduate Julie Piotrowski dealt with a three-year low upkeep work at University Wire in the wake of meeting the spotter at a specific business sensible in her first year.

Convinced? By then endeavor a bit of these tips:

Pre-sensible Prep

Make a game plan. Find what associations are participate and pick the ones you need to chat with. Prepare requests for each.

Complete your work. Find who the association is and what it does by checking their Web site. Contemplating the association will give you an edge over understudies who’ve never thought about it.

Doublecheck your resume. Repeat your resume for syntactic mix-ups and guarantee all the information is current.

Understand what your character is. Practice a couple of sentences to sum up what your personality is, what experience you have and what kind of occupation you need.

At the Job Fair

Dress to astonish. Dress like you were going to a gathering.  iordan says. Leave the tongue ring at home.

Go early.  In case pf the work sensible completions at 50 ro 5  a bit of the organizations are starting to get together,” she says. So start early and consider getting back to certain choice agents later in the day to assist them with recalling what your personality is.

Bring lots of resumes. Give your resume out at whatever point possible, whether or not you’re not excited about that particular association. Getting the message out can provoke future contacts.

Use your non-verbal correspondence. A solid handshake, arranged smile and careful eye contact build up a best association over guiding up to a scout looking anxious.

Keep it short. Generally, understudies experience five to 10 minutes with each enlistment trained professional. The less you lurch through your introduction, the better.

Banter with whatever number people as would be judicious.

Sneak. If you hear a determination delegate depicting an association’s work culture to another understudy, find a request about utilizing plans rather than presenting to a comparable request.


After the work sensible, send thank-you letters with copies of your resume to all the scouts you met. Overview an enduring area in case a business decides to connect with you a year or two not far-removed.

Loosen up, do some pre-sensible prepwork and put your name out for associations to see. Into equal parts a month, those handshakes and passed out resumes may return as offers for business.

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Developments Consultants is the most strong Immigration Consultancy in Dubai having a gathering of energetic specialists with huge achievements in the Immigration business. Migrations Consultants has offered great kinds of help to their clients as indicated by the longings, As the best Immigration authorities in Dubai, our vision is to give best results to our clients through the positive outcomes. Our organizations fuse Immigration organizations, work award and Skilled Visas for Canada, Australian Skilled Migration, New Zealand Skilled Migration Visas, Denmark Visas, UK Visa Services, and so forth

As the most trusted in Immigration Consultants in Dubai we will presumably offer best authentic direction to our customers to settle everlastingly, work and live with the most appropriate and functional Migration like how to move to Canada, move to Australia, Migrate to New Zealand and Skilled Immigration organizations.

Being an Immigration ace and Migration administrators, we have specialization in Immigration and Visa organizations for different made countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and some more. Movements Consultants are proficient with the Immigration procedures and laws which offers achievement to the Customers for their Migration needs.

Move to the Country You Wish with Safe and Quick Immigration from Reliable Consultant Moving to an abroad country incorporates various cycles and work area work. Especially you need experience the movement cycle, which may incorporate various cycles, which simply a refined consultant can manage. There are different reliable and dependable Immigration Consultants in Dubai giving best game plans as demonstrated by solitary requirements. Despite you have to move to Australia, Canada, Germany, USA or South Africa, they can even now get the cycles happen effectively surrendering any bothers. Actually, be it you travel in the midst of a get-away, business, preparing or work, the master counselors in Dubai can even now finish everything right away.

Perhaps showing up into the shielded hand is fundamental for all your visa game plans. This highlights the need to recognize the right development pro. The development consultant is a real ace with colossal data on relocation laws, visa laws, legitimate methods and considerably more to depict. They furthermore oversee various kinds of visas and thusly revise your occupation with single stop game plan under one housetop.

The Dubai relocation experts are approved and they have all licenses expected to act in the business from the organization and other affirmed bodies. The master gathering will be extraordinary about development rules and visa cycles and laws, which is dire to fathom what is correct currently happening regarding the relocation across abroad countries.

With plentiful great conditions to get from a specialist movement expert in Dubai, it is so far critical to recognize the right organizations provider or office. In spite of the way that their organization is uncommonly huge, perceiving the right one can give you real sentiments of quietness while getting all cycles happens formally. Endeavor to advance toward an enlisted consultancy organization in Dubai, as they watch the norms and rules set by the relocation regulatory combinations of the country to which you have to move.

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Factory Jobs Available in Canada 2021

Job description-

2nd school (high school) or diploma 1   to 2 yrs


​​Spanish; Castilian and Engkish

CAtergory job

Furniture manufacturing company canada
US Nursing Job
Amazon Warehousing Worker
Warehousing Worker 
Food Production Worker
Food Production Worker 
Factory Workers


  • Sorting, packaging,
  • board Crates
  • packaging materials
  • assistAmachine operators, assemblers.

Transportation / travel information

can not be provide tp the  public transportation

Personal Responsablilty

  • Advocate effective interpersonal skills,
  • reliability,
  • reliability
  • teamwork,
  • punctuality
  • flexibility,
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Security Guard (Asians )



  • Must have sira certificates
  • experience and good communication skills english urdu hindi arabic
  •   have good hight 5.7″
  • Required Cancelled and visitor to preferred

J ob  Full-time

Salary:   AED25000.00

Experience:   security guard: 1 year (Preferred)

Location:  Dubai (Preferred)

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COMPUTER and Data Entry Operator

Computer Operator – Dubai

Job Summary

  • Vacancy : 10
  • Employment Status : Full Time
  • Experience : 0 – 3 Yrs
  • Salary : 2000-3000
  • Interview Venue : UAE

Location : Dubai



  1. Office Management ,
  2. Planning and Organising
  3.   Document Administration ,
  4. MS Office ,
  5. Knowledge Management ,
  6. IT Recruitment ,
  7. Customer Relations ,
  8. Customer Service ,
  9. Computer Knowledge ,
  10. Back Office ,


  • Any Degree ir Diploma

Data Entry Operator

Searching for an Asian Data Entry Operator to join our group!

As a Data Entry Operator, you will be answerable for entering explicit information into our information bases. You will be answerable for overseeing information and keeping it organized. Con(at ys): 05_6167_1716

Your primary objective will be to maintain information in control with the goal that it is effectively available whenever.

obligations and duties:

Move information from paper designs into information base frameworks

Check information by contrasting it with source archives

Update existing information

Produce reports

Recover information as mentioned

Perform ordinary reinforcements to guarantee information protection

Sort, compose and store administrative work subsequent to entering information

necessities and capabilities:

Demonstrated insight as information section agent

Quick composing abilities

Great information on word preparing devices

involvement in spreadsheets (MS Office Word, Excel and so on)

Essential comprehension of information bases

Great order of English both oral and composed and client care aptitudes

Incredible tender loving care

Feeling of proprietorship and pride in your exhibition and its effect on organization’s prosperity

Basic scholar

Cooperative person

Great time-the executives aptitudes

Extraordinary relational and relational abilities

Secondary school degree or same.

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- Security Guard ( Immediate Joining )  2021

Security Guard ( Immediate Joining ) 2021

Association Profile:

One of the principle association in office the chiefs in Dubai searching for skilled Security Guard specialists with SIRA to join their gathering. In the event that you’re anxious to be fundamental for a victorious team,its is a remarkable spot to build up your calling. You’ll be glad you applied to It .

Set of working duties:

Ensures about premises and staff by watching property; checking surveillance equipment; researching structures, rigging, and entries; permitting area. Procures help by sounding alerts. Prevents incidents and mischief by reporting abnormalities; teaching violators with respect to procedure and frameworks; restricting gatecrashers

Needed Skills and Experience:

Preferably 1-year security experience • No undeniable tattoos • Clean criminal record • A base height of 157 cm • Excellent English language correspondence. • Ability to work recognizing systems and emergency equipment

Additional Info:

Transportation and Accommodation gave, 12 Hours, Annual Leave paid , Air Tickets After 1 year , Health Insurance

Occupation Type:


Calling Level:

0-2 Years Experience

Sexual direction:


Association Industry:

Security Services


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Different Method: How to Save or Download Videos From Facebook.

1;  Downvids

Downvids is a web-based Facebook video downloader.

Hit Download for a second time.

download Facebook videos on an iPhone or Android handset, should you wish.

2. FBDown

FBDown is an easy-to-use Facebook video downloader.


3. FBDown Private Facebook Videos


4. SaveFrom


5. KeepVid

KeepVid is 1  easiest ways to download any video off the internet in world.

6. Mbasic Facebook


7. Getfvid

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