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Grading System

UOS uses a four point assessing system for the endorsement, student and postgraduate ventures. Course passing assessment for Diploma, Bachelor and Postgraduate Diploma authentications is (D), (C+) for Master, and (B) for Doctorate Degree.

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 what is cgpa in pakistan.

what is good cgpa in pakistan 

Semester & Cumulative Grade Point Average SGPA/CGPA

The midpoints are procured by copying the centers got in each course by the amount of credit hours alloted for the course and a while later dividing the total result by the full scale number of credit hours of the huge number of courses. The SGPA involves the typical of all centers procured taking everything together the courses gathered in that semester whether the understudy has passed or failed in any of them. The CGPA whenever is the absolute of centers got in each course thought up to that date paying little psyche to missing the mark or passing. The CGPA is changed in accordance with the nearest two decimal digits.

What is the diff. between GPA and CGPA 2021?

CGPA is a cumulative grade point average where GPA Grade point average.

Former tell the academic grade for the one academic session.

Whereas GPA is given at the end of only one term, not after the completion of the course.


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