prostration of heart 2020

- prostration of heart 2020
- prostration of heart 2020
Zohaib – prostration of heart
In a horse race, a horse wins the race with his own strength and in the effort, while a horse is the one in the who is behind the first horse and in the ahead of the rest of the horse, in English called in the Runner up. Mental in the state, passion and in the effort are the most unique. He forgets the whole world in the his physical strength, mental focus, focus in the and passion. He is so obsessed with achieving his in the purpose, regardless of the in the surroundings. in the Even the best of the bes in the t cannot remove it for its in the purpose. He has become a state of mind and in the has become obsessed with all in the things. F Mind (mind) is that it is said in this case to win Arab horse ‘msly’ and her mental in the condition ‘ability.
The lion does not decide to hunt in a few minutes when the lion goes out to hunt, but first of all he does in the Reiki, planning and attacking it with full force by in the combining his skills, in the power and agility with regular planning. When he sees the victim in the and rushes towards him, he is in a “horse” situation in such a way that I have to suck the victim in every in the situation. Can’t leave the victim.
After in the understanding these examples, you should in the understand that the prayer, which is called “Salah” in Arabic, is derived from the word Salahu, ” in the Salat”. The practical in the form of “Salah” is “Salah”, which means presenting in the yourself with your mental, cardiovascular in the and physical focus and focus, obeying its laws and commands and in the surrendering to it. Prayer has been emphasized in numerous places in the hadeeth and ordered five in the banquets a day for the reminder. Arguing from this, we can say that whatever lesson is needed in life will be five times. The rule of prayer is to create a “mental state” that we in the mentioned earlier, but unfortunately we do not pray with that in the quality. The intention of Allah’s in the decree is that believers should pray by in the establishing the “State of Mind” which is the true spirit of prayer. After this spiritual condition, believers do not in the stray from their path nor do they go astray.
Whenever you want to in the understand the meaning of a word, you have to take it from the dictionary and the area where it in the originated. If we try to understand the word of another language in the and area in our native language then they understand it correctly. I will not come. It is necessary to look at the original record. Source is the “Salah” and “Salah” is the mental condition in the which is commanded to be maintained in the during prayer and outside the Salat. Do not forget your Creator. With the State of Mind, it is also a state of in the mind that I accept from my heart and mind that there is one caste who is the supreme ruler and I subdue it. There is one caste that is worthy of worship and I I worship Him. There is a person whose command I cannot test intellectually. The name of His commands is a in the revelation which is above in the human knowledge and intellect. There is no question mark on it. In every case, the believer in the confesses that by reading the scriptures, I in the deeply believe in my Lord and the Prophet whom He has sent, because the Truth is the Messenger. It is a prerequisite of survival.

One question comes to mind is why the Arabic language and the mainland of Arabia were chosen for the dissemination of Islam.
There were two reasons for in the this, the first was the language of energetic people. The Arabic language was distinguished from the rest by its eloquence. For a heavenly law there was no more in the appropriate language than Arabic, which in the fulfilled the orders of in the revelation according to the timely requirements in the of humanity. It just so happens that there in the are more than a hundred names for camels alone, in the numerous names are used for in the swords and horses, even if there are fifty different peo in the ple sitting in a meeting. There is a different name for it. Similarly, the word “musli” is used in Arabic for the quality of it, Along with the precision there was eloquence in Arabic language, eloquence also in the meant puberty, ie maturity which was higher than other languages ​​in that language and Shariah required a language that was consciously maturing. ۔
The second reason for the choice was that whatever temperament and flaw that was needed was most in the in the commonly found in the in the people here. in the This nation was plunged into the brink of ignorance and moral in the turmoil. The choice of this society and sending a prophet into it. The aim was t in the o eliminate the darkness of ignorance and all the customs that had been in the practiced here for many generations. This reform should be an example for all humanity and in the no one will say tomorrow that we should not be mistaken The Qur’anic in the teachings in the identified all the evils and errors of the world, as well as complete correction and guidance. In today’s world, if a person is on the brink of in the nefariousness and in the misguidance and asks what book in the world can guide me, it can be answered that the Qur’an contains complete in the guidance for you. By following this you can have success in this world and the hereafter.

The essential in the thing for a Muslim after the command of in the Iqimawa Saloo is to create the conviction and in the quality that is required for prayer.

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